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shakespeare multi-round contest ,


For starlit's first contest I have chosen to have a Shakespeare contest, in honor of my favorite professor, Prof. Landreth, and his awesome class, Shakespeare. This will be a multi-round contest. You don't have to enter each round if you don't want to. There will be three winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd) place for each round, and at the end, there will be three more overall winners. The winners for each round will get small awards--an award banner, and a certain amount of graphics, etc. Each person will get a total amount of points for their entries, and the final overall winners will be determined by the total points earned from each round. At the end, the three final winners will get BIG graphics packages, and some other gifts in the mail if you choose. I have not decided yet what the final overall awards will be, as I am going to shop for some cool shit to mail to those who win and are okay with me mailing them stuff. Otherwise, assume huge graphics packs, custom layouts, textures for ONLY you and me, and other cool stuff. Also, everyone who makes it through every round will get a small graphics pack with mysterious things that you will have to enter each round to find out.<3

round one

For round one, I would like you to make a signature or header. I have no preference in size. It can be a facebook header, forum signature, twitter header, I really don't care. What I do care about is that your piece is influenced by Shakespeare's writings in some way. I included a signature that I made below as an example. The words on the signature are from the play Macbeth. Your piece can be influenced by a character, some text, it can have actual lines (like my example), I don't really care. You'll have to explain to me how it relates to Shakespeare, but if you can do it, I'll probably buy it. Fill out the form below the signature and send it to me here with the subject as SHAKESPEARE. Judging will be done by myself, one of my real life friends, and one of my affiliates/link exchanges. Lastly, if you have a website, save the contest image above to your own server and link to this page to get more people to enter!


round one prizes

This prize set may seem small...but consider that this is a multi round contest! And those that stick through every round get a participation package similar to the first place package :o

first place:
1 big graphic (signatures, headers/banners, wallpapers, png render, etc)
1 graphic set OR 1 big graphic (graphics sets are 6 88x31 banners, 6 100x100 icons, or comprable graphics sets)

second place:
1 graphic set OR 1 big graphic

third place:
3 small graphics (any size avatars, signatures of small dimensions, link buttons, etc)
...and everyone gets a participation award!

the form

Website: You don't need one
Entry: Link to it! If you don't have your own space, I suggest imgur.
How does it relate to Shakespeare:
Other Comments: