the starlight exchange,

My very own exchange, the starlight exchange is now live! Please check it out, and join if you like banner rotations!

Links In

If you would like to link back to starlitnights, feel free to grab one of these buttons I made below. Please upload them to your own server! If you don't like any of them, but you want to link to me, you can always make your own button too.

Singe Page Affiliates

I hold my single page affilaites to nearly the same standards as my every-page affiliates. I prefer graphics sites for these, but not necessarily. The quality of your work should be near, equal or better than my own if you would like to be a single-page affiliate. As of 6 May 2013, single page affiliates are being accepted. Feel free to contact me if you would like to apply to be a single page affiliate!

Link Exchanges

Below are all of starlitnight's link exchanges. Link exchanges are always accepted so please contact me if you'd like to trade buttons!
Numbers of the Sky