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so...fusion news broke

Posted by Max on Monday, 18 Nov 2013 13:33 PST
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So...It looks like while I've been busy and neglecting my site, fusion news broke. For the next bit of time, I will be working to fix and improve back-end issues on starlitnights (like this fusion news problem). I also have a new layout in store for y'all sometime in the future! hint: it's a seasonal layout. With this new layout will come some changes to link exchanges/affiliation. I've decided I'm going to keep my affiliates restricted in quality (so affiliates won't change, if your graphics are of a comparable quality to mine, you can be an affiliate), but I will also be adding a sibling sites area of some sort for cbox friends. This area will be entirely unrestricted in regards to quality and spots will be reserved for my friends on an invite-only basis. Also, link exchanges will be staying the same. I also think I'll be installing a plugboard sometime soon, and potentially a topsite, but I haven't decided on the latter.

I do want to draw your attention to a new part of my starlitnights network. This particular project has been almost entirely the reason I have been away from the graphics site (except for, you know, college and work and all that fun stuff). I would like to personally invite all of you to, a creative learning community dedicated to improving rather than pristine quality. We focus on writing, graphics and coding and host a slew of competitions, RPs, and great discussions. It's a very chill, open forum and I reccommend it to everyone!

Shakespeare summer

It's definitely not summer anymore, so it's time to reveal the winners of the first round of SHAKESPEARE SUMMER! I asked two judges (Shinkara @ Cursed Morality and my boyfriend) including myself to allot points to the five entries. After all three of us casted our votes, I tallied up the points and divided each number by 3 to get the average point total. The winners and their point totals are as follows:

Mimi - 5.33
Cali - 3.66
Karen - 3.33
Martin - 2.66
Sovay - 2

I will email all the excellent participants in the next couple days to give out participation buttons and let y'all decide on your awards! There will, in fact, be a second round of Shakespeare "Summer". The second round might be "Shakespeare Autumn" and this multi-round contest may just span all four seasons!


Updates are pretty small this round sadly.
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I'll be trying to stay more on top of my cbox, but like usual, you can always email me if you need to reach me! <3