the starlight exchange,

My very own exchange, the starlight exchange is now live! Please check it out, and join if you like banner rotations!

designs ,

Here are all of my coded layouts, free to use! Sorted new to old. All designs are fully coded and come with graphics, ready to use out of the box.
All I ask is that you:
1. DO NOT remove my credit. That's shitty, it took me an incredible amount of time to make these designs and all the respective graphics. Please, please, please don't be a dick.
2. DO NOT use these designs to make your own designs. I am generally open to you changing the colors or fonts though, as I note on the layouts (some you should not change though, which I will also note), assuming you don't remove my credit.
3. Do not repost ANYWHERE without my explicit written permission.
4. If graphics are included, use them for the theme they are with, and that theme alone, because, you know, I made the graphics to match that skin as a gift for site admins that can't make their own graphics.
5. Please let me know if you used a theme in my cbox. I like to see them being used. :D
Please respect my wishes as an artist! I make these for you to use for free. All you need to do is follow my rules, and I don't even think they are that strict.

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TYPE: div, html5/css3
COLOR SCHEME: Dark purple, with blues and pinks.