the starlight exchange,

My very own exchange, the starlight exchange is now live! Please check it out, and join if you like banner rotations!

Contact Me ,

If you would like to contact me for any reason, be it a hello, an angry criticism, or a question, feel free to shoot me an email at recursivemax[at]live[d0t]com and put STARLIT (or something of the like) in the subject along with your actual subject.

apply for affiliation ,

If you would like to be considered for affiliation, please read the following rules and I will review your website and reply in two weeks (if I take longer, shoot me another email!). I will send you an email back with my decision either way, unless you specify for no response if I deny you--with my reasons and a short critique of your site. I will also suggest a link exchange, which is always open.

The only requirements for link exchanges are that your site isn't obnoxious, hateful, disrespectful of race, gender, or sexuality, and is free of stolen content.
  1. NO stolen code, content, or graphics. It MUST have a credits page, unless absolutely everything is your own.
  2. No discrimination of race, gender, sexual orientation allowed. I am queer, in both gender and sexuality. Don't try to affiliate with me if you don't accept me as a fabulous queer.
  3. I only affiliate with graphics, design, or resource sites--or blogs that have graphics. The designs or graphics must be equal or better than my own work
  4. I like my affiliates (and my link exchanges!) to be my friends. Please update once a month and drop by my site once a month also. I will do the same for you.

If I haven't scared you off yet (which I hope I haven't), shoot me an email at recursivemax[*at*]live[d0t]com with the following:

Type of site
Why do you want to affiliate?